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1953-54 Commander hardtop-how much are they worth?

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  • 1953-54 Commander hardtop-how much are they worth?

    I'm relatively new to the world of Studebakers, and figured I'd ask the question that has probably been asked more than once before. I have been looking around for an unmodified, restorable 1953 or 1954 Commander hardtop for about five years, and have found that there aren't a heck of a lot of them for sale. If I do run into someone that has one, they usually don't want to part with it (understandable). Occasionally, one pops up, and the prices are all over the map. That is why I be asking the question, as there are a lot of folks on the forum that probably have a better feel for what these cars are really valued at than I do. The generic price guides seem to lump everything together, and the prices have stayed about the same for as long as I've been looking. Are 1954's generally worth more than 1953's? Tri star '53 worth more than later models? Any of them left out there for a late comer to the Studebaker party? Thanks for the help!

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    54's are much rarer and probably better engineered than 53's. The Starliner/Starlights generally are more desirable, especially with a V-8. In my opinion, you cannot go wrong with any of the 53's/54's. You will not find many out there for sale so try to hook up with an SDC member if you can.

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      Hemmings usually has some listed each month, as well as TW.