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G.A.Baer dealer license plate frame

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  • G.A.Baer dealer license plate frame

    anyone have one,from palo alto,calif
    i need for my 62 daytona

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    I may have one that broke. I had a car that came from the Baer dealership and I think I had taken the broken one off the car. The other one should still be on the car and I could ask the new owner. We're both in Minnesota. In the early 1990s I visited Mr. Baer's widow a few times. She's probably gone now, but she had lots of energy then, even at 80 or thereabouts and would climb stairs two at time up to her second or third storey apartment in Palo Alto. At that time she owned a really nice 1965 Cruiser (white). I wonder where it is now?
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      thanks,i'd appreciate it
      when i was in high school, my dad bought me a used corvair turbo there that had been turned in by a dentist on a new Avanti
      i now am doing a 62 daytona convertble and want the frame for that car