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    OK, this may be a dumb question but.... coming from the MOPAR world, one of the magazines had a feature called "reference restoration" where they would feature a correctly restored car and take a ton of pictures and point out anything (if there was something) that was incorrect. I think this would be a great help (at least it would to me)

    Is there anything like that for Studes?

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    there is the 56J authenticity guide; not sure if this has been done for other models or not.

    If one were so inclined, one could comb this forum and look for old posts by JDP, Richard Quinn, others. Also having the copy of Turning Wheels with the Fred Fox feature article on your particular vehicle of interest should usually provide a few good reference photos, although probably not enough to do a 400 point show car.

    Also, care in disassembly when breaking a car down for resto will often give lots of clues - if you do enough, you get a sense of what is "right" and when something looks like it's modified, but then again you can often end up with cars where things have been "modified right" and you have a factory-looking installation of incorrect equipment (e.g. 4-speed conversion of a 58-60 Hawk using all factory Studebaker parts)


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