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    After reading Jim Peppers article in the cooperator about the '64 engine numbering system I was curious about my own engine and found that it was PCA4I8. I believe that would make it produced in January 1964. The car is a Canadian built Cruiser. How long after the production moved to Hamilton did they continue to cast engine blocks? Or did they just take the already cast blocks and do the machine work at hamilton?

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    I do not remember the exact date they closed the foundry, but you do need to remember that they not only supplied all of the Canadian 170, 259 & 289 blocks, but a lot of short blocks and even more block and piston assemblies to Plant 8 Parts Depot for replacement engines.

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      This is a question I've asked before. I don't think I've ever gotten a concise answer to it. I'd bet that scouring old issues of the SB Tribune might yield a date. It probably got some mention in that publication.

      If you think about the Zip Vans, while there was a set number of them contracted for - someone(s) still had to produce all the OHV 6s to power those. Not long ago, someone speculated that the last 64s were maybe powered with engines built from stocked replacement blocks. I just don't see that approach being a viable one. I'd bet the foundry and whatever other engine production departments there were, were busy to a degree until just before the end of the 64s were built.

      I've also wondered if they ever really taxed their foundry's capabilities to the max. I sorta doubt it tho.

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