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1948 or 1949 Champion?

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  • 1948 or 1949 Champion?

    I am brand new here. In years past I have owned 1950 & 1951 Studebakers and my dad has had a 1947 Business Coupe and 1951 2-door Sedan. I don't know very much about the 1948 and 1949 model years, however. What year Champion has a serial number: G-42051x

    I have located one but could not tell if it was a 1948 or 1949. It has three fake exhaust portholes on each side of the front fenders. Is this a clue also? Are the hood ornaments, Studebaker signature front ornament, and grilles identical between 1948 and 1949?

    I didn't raise the hood to check the Body Type/Paint Code Tag, or engine serial.

    This is a 2-door Sedan.

    Thank you.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Your Champion is a 1949. When you raise the hood, you will see a body tag on the firewall.

    It will have first numbers 8G - F3 or F5 (Deluxe or Regal Deluxe) then the number on the bottom is the body number. There is a paint code in the under glove box, but it may be gone.

    The fake exhaust portholes are aftermarket. Studebaker never had portholes.

    Leonard Shepherd


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      Thank you!

      Study of the 1948 & 1949 Champion grilles in your posted diagram sketches does help me with the subtle differences I couldn't see in photos on the Internet.

      I kind of figured those exhaust portholes must be aftermarket, because they didn't look right for a Studebaker and I couldn't recall seeing any on 1947-52 Champions ever before.

      What was the actual starting serial number for 1949 South Bend Champions?


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        quote:What was the actual starting serial number for 1949 South Bend Champions?
        The starting number is G-400,501 South Bend Champions

        The "F" letter on the body tag, means it is a 2 door sedan.

        Leonard Shepherd