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60 Steering wheel colors?

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  • 60 Steering wheel colors?

    We have a 60 Lark with the brown interior. The current steering wheel has two colors on it but it is badly worn. The parts book lists either a Sahara Brown and Arabian Brown steering wheel or a Sahara Brown and Natural Tan steering wheel. SASCO lists both in stock. Anyone know which one would be correct?

    We are also thinking about getting a new interior for the car and going with the tan this time. Which steering wheel would be correct for that combination.

    Thanks for any help.


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    Call and ask Dennis.

    Bob Peterson / C & B Studebakers

    Castro Valley, CA

    Castro Valley,


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      I have a used one here with dark brown in the center, light brown for the wheel. The center usually matched the column. Both are correct for 1960 cars except for the long Y body. I was going to paint mine, it's in great shape, but I found one already done and perfect. What color is your metal instrument panel? Regal or Deluxe? That's a good trivia question: Which color is darker, Sahara Brown or Arabian Brown?


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        Here are pictures of the dash and steering wheel. The car is a convertible so it is a Regal.

        The production order for line 14 shows:

        748A BRV 4

        I know the BRV stands for the brown interior but do not know what the other numbers represent.

        Were there specific dash colors for each interior color or was that a choice? Arabian Brown and Natural Tan were both possible interior paint colors.

        The car no longer has the original interior in it. We would like to put it back to an original interior. The car is Jonquil yellow and we like the tan color better than the brown. We'd like to get the correct steering wheel before they become NLA from "SASCO.

        With what paint costs any more it may be cheaper to buy one from SASCO than to try to get one painted two colors.

        If we can not determine colors here I will check with Dennis and see if he knows.

        Thanks for your responses and hope someone here may have a definitive answer.



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          Barnlark is correct - outside of the wheel will be the dash color while the inside will match the column.

          This is the wheel out of my '60. Although it came with an all black wheel, the PO installed this one found on other '60 (and possibly '59?) Larks.

          Dennis has quite a few wheels left - better get it while you can.

          <div align="left">1960 Lark VI</div id="left"> <div align="right">1962 7E7-122</div id="right">


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            The column is a pain to take out and paint, so I'd keep it that color and just get the new wheel the outside color tan and the inside brown. Send them at Sasco an email pic to match it. The dash looks great that color. If the interior had been originally black vinyl, the dashes were black. Most other colors matched the dash up with the vinyl. The dash pads only came in four colors, IIRC. I tried to use a red and black wheel like 62Champ, but it looked too orange compared to my dash. Dave or Dennis should be able to match your picture. BTW, is Sasco closed on the 13th? Will they all be in Iowa?