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  • Happy 4th

    Happy 4th everybody. We're having a beautiful day here on Long Island after all that rain. The Stude is running great.

    '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
    '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
    Recording Secretary, Long Island Studebaker Club

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    Just got back from driving mine in the local village parade. A lot of waves and "my father used to have a Studebaker" comments.


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      Happy 4th of July! Christine and I took the 64 R1 Hawk for a ride this morning around Carmel and Westfield, In. Just a little rain; got to use the windshield wipers for the first time in a long time! Dan


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        sigpic�Never raise your hands to your children, it leaves your groin unprotected.� - Red Buttons

        '63 Avanti R2
        '14 Boxster
        '64 GT Hawk R1 JT
        '37 Dictator Coupe
        '37 Dictator Coupe "slight custom"


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          It's raining here. Central Illinois. Maybe it will stop later and I can still get a drive in.

          66 Commander R1 Clone
          51 Commander 4dr
          1962 Champ

          51 Commander 4 door


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            Just drove our 63 GT Hawk to see my 95 year old dad. He was real happy to see me pull up in it. He bought the car in 1966(I was ten years old), so it's been in the family since then.
            Got lots of looks and waves driving around today..
            Beautiful sunny day here in the Philly area!

            Happy Motoring! Matt

            1963 GT Hawk
            1960 Metropolitan Convertible
            1972 AMC Javelin/ AMX
            1958 Cushman Eagle

            1963 GT Hawk
            1960 Metropolitan Convertible
            1972 AMC Javelin/ AMX
            1956 Cushman Eagle


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              1957 Transtar 1/2ton
              1963 Cruiser
              1960 Larkvertible V8
              1958 Provincial wagon
              1953 Commander coupe
              1957 President two door

              No deceptive flags to prove I'm patriotic - no biblical BS to impress - just ME and Studebakers - as it should be.


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                Beautiful day in Washington State. Drove my Champ to the events in the town park today, seen by many. Had my "Bailout Studebaker" sign on.

                Don Wilson
                53 Commander Hardtop
                64 Champ 1/2 ton
                Centralia, WA
                Don Wilson, Centralia, WA

                40 Champion 4 door*
                50 Champion 2 door*
                53 Commander K Auto*
                53 Commander K overdrive*
                55 President Speedster
                62 GT 4Speed*
                63 Avanti R1*
                64 Champ 1/2 ton

                * Formerly owned


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                  Beautiful in the Peach the Stude can't drive, but next year we should be able to drive.

                  Alex Nelsen
                  1954 Champion Coupe
                  Lizella, GA
                  Alex Nelsen, certified Studebaker nut.
                  Driving a 1954 Champion Coupe powered by a Chrysler 383.
                  Lizella, GA


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                    I drove my Stude on the 4th, after a hectic greasy week repairing my cluch shaft support bracket. Take a peek at the pictures. The donut shop is in Dearborn MI, on Ford rd. On a clear day, one can look down this road and see the detroit skyline. The donut sign says "Established July 4th, 1966" The building is near original. The interior is pretty much unaltered save for the flat screen TV on the wall. Hope everyone had as much fun as I did. Peace, Huck

                    Gary Hildebrandt