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who designed the stude v-8

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    quote:Originally posted by barnlark

    Sounds about right, Mike. Much written on that subject. Not sure of the accuracy, but this one from Consumer Guide:

    "Studebaker had a terrific follow-up to blockbluster 1950: a modern new V-8. Like the trendsetting 1949 Oldsmobile and Cadillac engines, it was a light, compact, and efficient overhead-valve design. "
    Which Stude V-8 were they referring to?
    64 Champ long bed V8
    55/53 Studebaker President S/R
    53 Hudson Super Wasp Coupe


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      the real stude v-8.not the cheeby


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        On the "Eisenhower administration" question: According to the 1956 edition of Collier's, cover titled "Report on the Republicans," there was widespread speculation that Ike would not seek a second term, due to health issues and the possibility of 'anointing' a candidate who could then have two terms. The top candidates are pictured and bio'ed. The president of Studebaker is one of the Republican candidates.

        The administration steered military contracts to Studebaker, a common practice then, to provide a steadier revenue stream. Those contracts were quickly and unceremoniously cancelled in the administration following Eisenhower's, nameless here. Also, Eisenhower advisers "forced" Studebaker into the Curtiss-Wright management agreement.

        The unloading of (other firms') underfunded pension obligations onto the federal budget occurred after Studebaker's closing. The president of the UAW local spoke at length about this at the 1996 International. Studebaker's only alleged skullduggery was a late-game change in the years of service required to be vested in the benefit pool. Those who were fully vested received their full pension, from the pension fund. There were several far-reaching laws passed after this, based on the specter of a major company closing with insufficient funds for pensions, and although this legislation was blamed on Studebaker it did not in fact apply.

        I consider it stunning that current public conversations on pension raiding, and pension-fund bankruptcy as a business strategem, do not cite the Studebaker experience, or the impact of laws passed in the following years. Like most cases of Unintended Consequences, it's irrelevant, nothing's the same, everything is different now, we don't want to to hear it and la-la-la I can't hear you.