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    I would like to get a second set of keys made for my 1962 GT Hawk. The production order for the car only lists the "Trunk Key Number". My Locksmith suggested that the key numbers may be stamped onto the key cylinders (Ignition and Trunk). I could remove the trunk cylinder rather easily but there was no key number visible. Do I have to take the cylinder out of its housing? What steps should I follow to get the ignition cylinder out of the dash? Does the Museum keep that kind of info?
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    quote:Originally posted by PeterHawk

    I would like to get a second set of keys made for my 1962 GT Hawk.
    Since you have keys, all you do is take a Trunk/Glove Box Key and a Ign./Door key and some new key blanks from one of the Studebaker Vendors at to your local Locksmith and have them duplicated, no problem.

    Studebaker key/lock code numbers were ONLY on the small tag on the key ring attached to the original 2 sets of keys supplied with the car when new.

    Here is the discussion on Technical Talk two days ago about the subject and how to remove the lock Cyl. from the Switch, should you ever need to replace the Cyl. or the Switch:

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      I agree with StudeRich. He is 100% correct. If you have one set then any reputable locksmith should be able to duplicate them. If you are needing the key code then the locksmith should be able to decode the key then do a reverse search to get the code. The only problem with this is if it were rekeyed out of code specs. or the key and lock are so worn that it is hard to decode. Been there done that. Anyway long of the short is that if you have one set then another can be made. Good luck Keith

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