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Hi guys, my cruiser

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  • Hi guys, my cruiser

    Finally got some pics of the '63 posted, sorry it took so long.
    These were taken about 5 years ago at a couple of local shows.
    The Buick is that 55 I spoke of

    I've had to postpone work for a couple of months while my GF and I get moved, but I've got the heads off and the timing cover off and as far as I can tell there is nothing wrong with the engine.

    The ex reported a noise "like a card in bicycle spokes" when she shut it down, could it be flex plates?

    Have a question though, I'm likely going to use it as a semi daily driver, but the gas mileage was kind of disappointing, about 12-13 around town, always blamed it on the flight o matic starting in second gear, and a very low rear end, want to say it's about 3.64?

    Any suggestions on upping that mileage?, Gas is getting pricey again, and I had a 64 Olds 88 with a 394 and a 4 speed auto that got about 16-17 in town.

    Bill, '63 Cruiser, let's go cruisin

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    Nice Cruiser Bill! If it has the Standard 289 Engine and Automatic, the Ratio should not be all that low, probably only 3.31. When you do not have 400 c.i. under the hood, it takes a bit more than a 2.87 or something to get 3300 LBS rolling you know!

    You can check the tag at about 7:00 or 8:00 under one of the axle cover bolts to be sure. It could have been ordered with a performance or trailering ratio of 3.54 or even 3.73 but not likely, unless it has the Avanti Jet Thrust Engine option.

    I do not think a low gear start would help, more RPM's = more fuel.
    You could improve it some with a Pertronix Electronic Ignition and a new Edelbrock 500 cfm AFB clone 4 Brl. Carburetor, but 12-14 City and 16-20 HWY is about normal without Overdrive, depending on how quickly you want to get moving.

    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      You should do much better than 12-13 around town. My '63 Cruiser gets about 18-20 around town. Maybe it's because of the Edelbrock instead of the Stromberg carb.

      '63 Cruiser daily driver
      '57 Packard wagon on the road!
      '63 Cruiser
      '57 Packard wagon
      '61 Lark Regal 4 dr wagon
      '50 Commander 4 dr sedan


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        Sweet ride, and a comfortable ride, too!
        As far as the mileage...
        The 2nd gear start and mild gear are not going to 'hurt' mileage.
        My Hawk came with that same setup, and it had a 3.07 gear with T/T.
        Stude engines don't mind the lower rpm starts.
        (but your right foot might[}])
        Have you learned the LDL dance?
        As far as the carb goes...
        Keep it simple.
        All Stude's should get decent mileage...if tuned right.
        Start with your point gap....Set them (dwell) first.
        Then set the timing.
        Then set the idle with a vacuum gauge and a tach.
        Then... (take a deep breath)...
        Get the numers off of your AFB and find out what number carb you have.
        Then look up on the Edelbrock AFB .pdf file to see what jets/rods/springs it came with.
        Write this down on a notepad.
        Beg/borrow/steal, or buy a 'strip kit', which has rods/jets/springs for Edelbrock AFB carbs.
        Download their tuning guide and select the next leaner setup according to their chart.
        If you can.... Have someone 'sniff' your exhaust and tell you what your air/fuel ratio really is (it is probably 'rich' now).
        Following the tuning guide,and start leaning the carb down a step at a time until it starts hesitating, or surging.
        Refer to your notes to know exactly where to 'go back to'.
        Once you hit that 'sweet spot' of tuning and carb adjustment...
        Life is gooooood!
        Since all engines are not exactly the same, there is no magic number combo that covers all setups.

        If every Stude guy that is running an (aftermarket) AFB would let me (or someone) know their successful setup (and geography/car/engine/trans/gear setup), we could do a spreadsheet and maybe it could help others baseline their Stude.

        quote:Originally posted by bootstrapbill

        Have a question though, I'm likely going to use it as a semi daily driver, but the gas mileage was kind of disappointing, about 12-13 around town, always blamed it on the flight o matic starting in second gear, and a very low rear end, want to say it's about 3.64?
        Any suggestions on upping that mileage?[/br]
        HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


        Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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          Thanks for the input guys, I looked that axle ratio up when we started but can't quite remember what it was.

          First thing I do when I get a new toy is buy a shop manual of course, and the Stude's was thick, lol.

          That's it in the trunk, along with the original owners manual, took a second place at the AACA auto show in Nortwest Florida

          I know first in that thing is LOW, winds out about 12-15 miles an hour but will climb a wall doing it, lol.
          At 70mph the motor was wound up pretty tight, she's the regular ole 289 with a 2 bbl but a po installed a dual exhaust, always loved to hear her run, and she was an absolute terror from stoplight to stoplight

          I loved to see the import drivers faces when that ancient 4 door sedan chewed them a new one lol, but like I said the show was pretty much over at 70.

          The ex was driving to the airport in Mobile to pick up our oldest when whatever happened happened, and if I know her she was likely doing close to 80.

          I've found no damage to the engine anywhere, cylinder walls look good, no bent pushrods, no metal shavings in the oil, plenty of oil and coolant, timing gears look new, but she won't budge an inch, I guess it could have spun a bearing?

          Anyway, I'll get it back on the road eventually, original door panels are still very nice and the po replaced the headliner, he put seat covers in too but they are brown and that interior is sort of, muave I guess you'd say, needed a repaint when we got it and the ex really neglected the old car, was going to paint it basic black but a post I read here about one in Rose mist has me thinking that would look nice with that interior, any pics of that car by chance?

          Well updates as they occur, gotta go bath the dog right now.

          Bill, '63 Cruiser, let's go cruisin