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Shopping for wheels for your Avanti?

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  • Shopping for wheels for your Avanti?

    Just wanted to remind you all about Newstalgia Wheel's site where you can try different wheels on your Avanti virtually -with the ability to adjust the paint color, window tint, ride height, tire profile, wheel size and even mix and match big and littles. You can even spin the wheels forward and backwards [:0]

    There's a set of American Racing Salt Flat wheels on Ebay currently that might be had for a reasonable price, so I revisited the site to see how they'd look on my Avanti.

    Think I'm gonna pass because they're 15's and I really need 16's or larger.

    Here's the link to the virtual site. They also have a '40 Coupe template, and I'd bet they'd be willing to add some more. Would be great to have some Lark and Hawk templates up there since they're great candidates for aftermarket wheels. Maybe a fun project for you Matthew[?]

    ...and the wheels if anyone's interested:

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    Nice site, played with Avantis and Mark VIIIs lowered the Avanti 2" to get it looking right.

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