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    Does anyone have any photos, ads, or whatever from Baker Bros. Motors in Redwood Falls, Minnesota. My 1953 Starlight Coupe was sold new there and I am looking for stuff for the glovebox etc. Like most Stude owners; I don't have a lot of cash.

    duane miller

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    I don't have any photos myself, but I do know that Baker Brothers in Redwood Falls was noted for taking a picture of every vehicle that they sold. Hopefully one of the North Star Wheels chapter members will have more information and possibly even something tangible.
    Some SDC members may remember the photo that Frank Frost promoted called "Sunday Service" - a minister preaching from the back of a Studebaker pickup in the 50's. IIRC that photo originated in Redwood Falls and I believe had some connection with Baker Brothers. Studebaker Int'l offered the photo/poster for many years - they probably still do.

    Pat Casey
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