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    I am getting my 53 V8 ready for a car show and would like a reoommnedation on a field applied coating, (spray or brush) that I can use on the exhaust manifold to dress up the engine compartment.

    Also, what would be the correct color to use. I have the correct green engine and have cast studbaker valve covers


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    POR 15 has a 'cast iron' colored paint that needs to be hot on the manifold to cure. It looks like cast iron, needs to be redone every three or four years, depending on local humidity. It can be bought in little cans, enough for several sets of manifolds.

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      Eastwood also has a "cast iron" manifold paint at a reasonable price. I've used it on my manifolds, but it has only been one year, so I can't tell you how long it lasts.


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        I also have used Eastwood's manifold paint with success,it has been on my cars for many years with no noticeable deterioration. I take the manifolds off and clean them good with a wire wheel first though, preparation is the key to having it last. The paint needs to be cured with engine heat. I also use their black manifold paint on my cylinder heads so the paint does not burn off in the exhaust area.

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          I use this stuff:

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            Whichever paint is used, the key is surface preparation. Putting paint over rusty iron is a waste of effort. Take the manifolds to a machine shop which has a shot blaster or to a commercial sand blaster. Only when they are clean of rust will the paint have a chance to stick.

            Also, AFAIK, the exhaust manifolds weren't painted OEM, as Studebaker knew any paint burns off or rusts through eventually.

            thnx, jack vines



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              I used the POR15 paint Tom mentioned. The manifolds were sandblasted first. They held up pretty well for about 4yrs and maybe 15k miles. Rust spots started to show after that. Most of the mileage was in the early part. Right now I have my engine bay partly apart so the manifolds will get redone.

              Jeff in ND

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              Jeff in ND


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                I've used Calyx as well. Good stuff.


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