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    When we first bought our truck and cleaned it out, we removed the broken upper dash cover. The existing red screws seen in the picture are not original, but we wanted to do something with the holes in the dash that would leave our options open if we decided to eventually replace the cover.

    We have recently been looking at Studebaker International's version of this dash cover and were considering purchasing and installing it. We wondered whether anyone had purchased such a cover from them; if so, what was their experience with it like? Does it fit well and look attractive? Is it easy to install (keeping in mind our VERY limited level of expertise here)? Does anyone have any pictures they could share?

    Thanks in advance for any input!

    John and Tracy Smith
    Queen Creek Arizona

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    Not sure about SI's version as I haven't seen it or priced it. I do remember that a couple of years ago RebelStude out in California was marketing C-Cab dash covers that he had repopped. Don't know if SI bought from him or not but several others seemed happy with Rebelstude's and I was going to look into him as a supplier when I got that far on mine to need a new one.

    '57 3E6-12 Transtar Deluxe
    '64 Daytona HT
    \'57 3E6-12 Transtar Deluxe
    \'64 Daytona HT