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62 Lark Update- and part request

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  • 62 Lark Update- and part request

    So Dad went to work today on the 62. Bleeding the brakes brought them back up, and cleaning and tuning up ignition components got rid of the slight miss. Compression is good on all six cylinders too. We did find one problem- it needs a turn signal switch- should be the same 61-66. Part number is 1551930. None of the suppliers have them anymore. If anyone's got one, we could sure use it. Thanks, Evan.

    Evan Davis
    Prairie Bulletin
    Saskatchewan Chapter
    Prince Albert, Sk
    Evan Davis
    Prince Albert, Sk

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    I had my choice from maybe half a dozen vendors at Lancaster last fall, all NOS. there are lots around, they all interchange, by the way. At least the one I bought, for a 12 volt system works fine in my 55 with its upgraded to 12 volt electrics.

    Tom Bredehoft
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      Do you mean the switch itself, or the steering column stalk?



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        If your Cancel cam (fingers) are broken Stude. Vendors sell that separately, if the switch failed (rarely does) or is missing, that is another story they are no longer available in the '61-'66 plastic type, there were many metal types used on the "round" steering wheels and I would not think any of those pre-1961 type would work on the newer "square" wheel it has a different type of cancel ring.

        These came with the harness through the column to the dash.

        Second Generation Stude Driver,
        Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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          When you take out the cancellator cam, be sure and note how it is sitting in the switch. The cam is a universal. It is meant for several cars and it needs to go back the way it came off.