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"The Turnaround Experience" - A Corporate Study

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  • "The Turnaround Experience" - A Corporate Study

    (note: Here's some interesting winter reading for Studebaker, Packard, and automotive corporate historians out there...Jeff)

    [u]The Turnaround Experience:
    Real-world Lessons In Revitalizing Corporations</u>

    This very detailed study originally published in 1991.

    Thanks to some behind the scenes work from Bob Shaw, the SDC has been given permission to re-print/post this study done on corporate turnarounds in the automotive business.

    This is a large .pdf file that you can download to your computer and read at your leisure. One tip I can add is to use the search function (little binoculars) and enter the word Studebaker. Then it will take you to each entry mentioning Studebaker. There is a wealth of information written that probably has not been talked about much outside the corporate boardrooms in the industry. Fascinating reading that is sure to spur good conversation and debate. Thanks Bob Shaw!

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