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    I just came up with a detailing technique (who knows, others may have been doing this for years) for polishing the royal wire wheel covers. After applying polish with a finger and/or Q-tip and allowing it to dry, I was having a tough time getting the polish and grime cleaned out from in between the wires and such. So I cut a Q-tip in half (the generic brand I was using has a plastic stick, but I think the paper stick ones would actually work better). I then wrapped one layer of masking tape around the cut end of the stick to increase it's width. It then fit nicely in the collet of my Dremel and at LOW speed, it did a fantastic job of buffing! Now each of these new "polishing buffers" only seemed to last a minute or so, but I could get quite a bit done in that amount of time. I had to use very light pressure or the stick portion would bend and it became a propeller and then it would break and fly off. There was certainly a learning curve. Also be sure to wear eye protection. I think this may would well too on a Hawk grill.

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    Throw em in the dishwasher.