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Rims and tires for the 59 wagon

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  • Rims and tires for the 59 wagon

    O know this has been discussed before, but search didn't give me much info.

    Recently purchased wagon has four flat tires on old factory rims. I want to put aluminum wheels on it,(see no reason to buy new tires to put on rims I'm not going to use) and it seems to me that that mustang wheels were recommend before. However my memory can no longer be used as a guide post. Ad since i have no lark experience, i thought it best to listen to those who do.


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    I use Chrysler Fifth Avenue (rear wheel drive) wheels. Except for hubcaps, they fit well, have a decent offset with 6" width & dont have the fear of breaking apart with radial tires. Even better is this same car that had the police car package-wheels were even stronger yet.

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      I've got Ford Ranger wheels on the Daytona.

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        I've gotten rims from Dodge Vans and pickups from the 70s and early 80s, but they are getting much harder to find, at least at my local junkyard.

        Full-sized Fords (LTD Crown Vics, Mercury Marquis, etc.) up to the early 90s are also a good source for 6" wide 15" wheels. The local yard had at least several of these when I was there a couple of weeks ago.

        Good luck!

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          I know my grandparent's Avanti has Chrysler 5th Avenue wheels, and repop Avanti hubcaps. As far as I can remember, we've only lost a hubcap once. I don't remember ever having a blow out. This is a car that has been driven thousands and thousands of miles to Stude meets and family trips.

          The majority of our cars have the original wheels. Including all of the Studes I've driven daily with radial tires. Never a problem.

          On a Lark, don't go with a wheel that's too wide. I've had the tires scrub the front fenders (stock sized tires and stock wheels) when going up an angled driveway.

          If you're wanting a custom wheel (aluminum like you stated), maybe someone on here can offer some good suggestions. Like I said, all of mine have stock wheels and hubcaps.

          Matthew Burnette
          Hazlehurst, GA


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            As you said aluminum wheels, this is my recommedation. American Racing Torq Thrust D. Available in 15" x 4-1/2" or 15" x 6" at Summit for $162 ea.

            Tom - Mulberry, FL

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              My '65 Wagonaire has 205-75/R15 tires on the 6" wide Ford rims. It rides much better than with the same tires on 5" rims. These cars came with 4.5" rims and radial tires can be squirrely on too-narrow rims. However, if I park the car on a steep sideways slope, the sidewalls sometimes rub on the rear wheel openings. The wagon openings are different from the sedans, much smaller. In order to remove a rear wheel, I have to jack up the bumper to be able to pull the wheel off the lugs.

              I'm not sure if this applies to the older wagons, but it certainly does to '63-'66 Wagonaires.

              The handling is so much better with the wider wheels that I'm prepared to live with the potentially shorter life of the tires from the occasional rub. I don't think it happens when driving down the road, but wagons don't usually get driven in a manner to severely test tire side motion.

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              Gary Ash
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                Originally posted by bridgegaurd


                Save money on new wheels and tires. Sell that wagon to me.


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                  Only thing with MoPar van wheels and Studie wagons is that their "inset" may make them rub on the tie rod ends.

                  I picked up some of those wheels at a closeout store; they had been cast off by a van conversion outfit.

                  They worked great on the rear of my Wagonaire, and let me run plenty big tires without rubbing the bodywork, but you could not rotate them to the fronts.