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ISO gas tank-1955 Conestoga

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  • ISO gas tank-1955 Conestoga

    Hello All,

    I am in search of a gas tank for a 1955 wagon. The Studebaker part number is 534155 and is spacific to the wagon only. I think 54's would be the same, as well. I will be attending the Can-Am meet in Wenatchee, WA July 5-6 and could meet you there if poss. Otherwise, I could arrange for shipping.

    Thank you in advance,


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    If you can't find one, use a good coupe tank,
    1. open the hole on the side where the dimple in the corner is, leave an edge to fold over
    2. unsolder the current filler tube
    3. solder the tube into your new hole
    4. weld OR solder a patch over the old hole

    If you look...the stock filler soldered in place.
    You should fill the tank with water and drain to remove the gas fumes before using a small torch for soldering.
    Done it with great success.



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      I bought one at SASCO in May new. Same ###. If they have anymore I don't know.

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