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Can I remove scratches from window glass?

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    To: 50Champ,--------Nope!


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      Since my reply above (three years ago) I had another opportunity to revisit this issue.
      When my car got out of the restoration shop iot had a very slight scratch on the driver's window...just in my line of sight, probably from a slip during sanding.

      I could feel it very slightly, but hoping against hope I took it to a car glass shop who said they woud try to repair it.
      Well they did a great job...10 minutes and $25 later it was as good as new.

      So before you throw in the towel, give a pro a try. Can't hurt.
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        Originally posted by Dick Steinkamp View Post
        I've used the products Eastwood sells with some success...

        Dick Steinkamp
        Bellingham, WA

        Sorry for high jacking the tread but question to dick have I seen this car in a photo with a go kart in the back ???


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          We have a product over here that removes scratches from glass its called “jewelers rouge" may depend on the depth of the scratch though


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            The cerium oxide works with a buffing pad. My local glass shop gave me a little bit when I asked for it.
            One thing I learned from the experience: It's a lot easier to get scratches out of paint!