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    About mid-day at the La Palma Car Show, the P.A. system started playing the National Anthem. Everyone in and out of the park stopped and turned to the Flag flying at the center of the field. Hands over hearts, not a person moving, even people in the parking lot of the park, next to the show area. Very Moving. Thanks to all that were there.

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    Doug, the Orange Empire Chapter is to be congratulated for doing a Memorial day car show the right way, by honoring those brave Americans who have and are serving us all. [^] I am glad to hear that, and by all accounts the show went very well.

    Having been there many times when the Park was well kept, I could not help but notice, the weeds, poor remnants of grass, trash and even no grass on parts of the once beautiful Park, that saddened me a lot.

    I guess the hard times are showing in more places than our wallets.

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      During the NASCAR race in Charlotte, at 3 PM, they stopped the race, shut down all the engines, and everybody observed a minute of silence. Pretty cool.[8D]


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        It was announced that all sporting events were stopped at 3 pm local time, nationwide. This was a request from the President. I was watching the race so I don't know how this fared.

        Rich, I thought it was because of water restriction here.


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          Another nice thing done there was the pictures of all in attendance that desired, to have a group picture behind the 2 recently departed members cars & give their condolances to the family there. I havent seen that done before but felt it was a very kind & loving gesture to the families.

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