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    From the latest issue of Wheels of Time, the publication of the American Truck Historical Society. I am posting this as these vehicles are rare, and the limited exposure of this ad as the magazine is only sent to members of ATHS.


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    Craig - another truck restoration waiting for you!

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      Did John and Tracy do the antique job on that door?


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        Hope someone saves it. jimmijim
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          I know of that truck. It's in very, very rough condition. It used to sit along I-70 just outside Kansas City before the "Antique/classic Yard" moved about 60 miles east along I-70 to Sweet Springs Mo. All that rust you see on the hood is likely from it being under water. The yard in Sweet Springs sits right next to a major creek that floods all the time and a number of his vehicles wind up submerged repeatedly.

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            I did a reverse look up of the phone number, I go buy this place 4 times a week, I had been told that this totter sits in the back lot.

            Guy has a very rough 49 c cab out front, Packard limo, many Cadillacs, as well as 2 Lincolns the body style Bams likes.

            Place floods a lot and theres been a lot of activity the last couple of day's moving vehicles up the hill and a fense around the back lot.

            Wanted $1500 last time I spoke,

            This car has been moved from the flood line that I can no longer see this vehicle from the road.


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