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What to use to lengthen a truck frame?

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  • What to use to lengthen a truck frame?

    Years ago I had the frame side rails from a couple of 1/2 and 3/4 ton trucks that I was going to use to lengthen my Champ frame to accept a crew cab body with a six foot box, but work, health problems and the long arm of the city/county health department in conjunction with the county sheriff caused me to scrap a lot of parts and pieces that I could use today.

    Now with a better job, improved health and some free time I have resumed work on my ugly truck (if only to improve my welding skills for work on my 62 hardtop), since I no longer have the scrap Studebaker frame rails for donor pieces what other steel might I scrounge up to lengthen my frame.

    or if anyone has any Champ or Transtar truck frame moldering away in their backyards that they do not mind taking a chop saw to

    Jeff T

    "I'm getting nowhere as fast as I can"
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    \"I\'m getting nowhere as fast as I can\"
    The Replacements.

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    If you are looking for something straight frame channel is available at most spring shops. At least the ones that deal with heavy trucks. It comes in even inch widths, but don't know range of sizes. The sizes fit inside of one another.(i.e. 7"inside of 8"). This makes bolting overlapping section over splice with a larger section easy. If I part out a vehicle(especially a truck) I always cut up the frame and keep it
    as the stuff is pretty expensive.


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      Check your local scrap metal yard. You'll never know unless you go. They might have something spot on. It probably won't be Studebaker specific but your imagination can work wonders. Don't expect to pay a bunch. jimmijim
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