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  • What Engine Do I have?

    I have a Studebaker V-8 serial number VJ 318. It was installed in my 1946 Dodge truck over 40 years ago. What is this engine and what car did it originally come out of? I think it might have been a late 50's Hawk because what I think was a Hawk dash was also grafted into the 46 Dodge. Also has a Ford transmission which I understand was used by Studebaker.

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    Welcome to the SDC Forum, lots of us have Studebakers you could buy and install the Engine in it's rightful habitat!

    An assembled Sept. 18, 1963, Studebaker 259 Cubic inch V-8 that would be from a 1964 Stude. Lark Type, like my '64 Daytona Hardtop pictured below.

    This would be the more desirable "full flow" block with the spin-on Oil Filter on the right rear of the block.

    If you replace the Crankshaft and the Pistons with 289 Parts and do a "clean-up" re-bore, you would have a 289. []

    The Transmission should be a Studebaker Flight-O-Matic by Borg Warner, which is similar to the cast iron case Ford-O-Matic, Merc-O-Matic, Cruise-O-Matic, Rambler Flash-O-Matic, AMC Shift Command. These are one of the toughest most durable Trans. ever made.

    The Studebaker is unique though, in that the shift pattern is P-N-D-L-R and on V-8 cars it is a three speed that starts in Intermediate (2 nd.) in Drive unless floored or manually shifted using "Low Range".

    This shift pattern allows "rocking" the car forward & back in snow, mud or ice to unstick the car! And if it ever would happen to slip out of Park with the Engine running, it would not take off under power in Reverse! [:0]

    StudeRich at Studebakers Northwest -Ferndale,WA
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      Yeah, I have actually had to use that "rocking" feature in my lark...even with the twin traction! I pulled it out of the garage to turn it around after a snow/thaw, and mistakenly pulled the back wheels over a patch of mud and ice. It only took about a minute to free me, whereas any other car would have been stuck without help. Thanks Studebaker!

      1963 Lark, 259 V8, two-tone paint, Twin Traction. Now that the salt is off the roads, she is getting back into regular rotation!