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New tail light lenses for George

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  • New tail light lenses for George

    We finally got around to replacing the tail light lenses on George this weekend. One of the coolest things was that they all came in the original packaging, which is something that we hadn't seen yet. The next item we are looking for is a tail light housing, as the one on the right side has some significant damage to it. If anyone has one that they are looking to sell, please let us know!

    John and Tracy Smith
    Queen Creek Arizona

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    I like how the new lenses match the historic plate. George is lookin' good... Maybe it's time for Christine to head west. They'd make a cute couple. [)]

    Matthew Burnette
    Hazlehurst, GA


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      here i thought i was going to have a surprise!

      they look good, anyway!


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        The 1957 brochure hanging on my office wall says "Sedans and station wagon series sparkle with new slipstream-smooth design from 'safety signal' tail lamps..." Now yours are even safer!

        You shouldn't have much trouble finding a new housing; maybe Bob Peterson or Karkiewicz would be where to start.

        Robert (Bob) Andrews Owner- Studebakeracres- on the IoMT (Island of Misfit Toys!)
        Parish, central NY 13131

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          Those housings aren't one huge piece. There's the outer part and the insert. Is yours totally bashed or.... Doesn't look that bad - as much as can be seen in the pics here.

          Just checked SASCO's site - sadly, they have the LEFT outer housing, but not the Right one. No insert sections either (the part the lenses affix to) (they're the same - left or right, BTW)

          I had some nice ones that I had plated and the plater RUINED all three that I sent them! They came back nice and shiny and deformed beyond redemption!

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            quote:Originally posted by John and Tracy Smith
            looking good sports fans, Now if you could just wrangle that hawk for me we could do fins and feathers flocking together. GS


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              The new lenses really improve Georges looks.
              Are you going to put new blue dots on them?

              Gary Sanders
              Nixa, MO
              President Toy Studebaker Collectors Club. Have an interest in Toy Studebakers? Contact me for details.
              Gary Sanders
              Nixa, MO


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                John Myer, Myers Studebaker Parts, Service, and restoration has what you need. His contact info is on this site somewhere. jimmijim
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                  lense looks good,

                  And nothing like the first piece of parts memorabilia, The first piece that I had worth keeping was this exhaust valve box.


                  61 Lark