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D'oh - I think I messed up my steering box

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  • D'oh - I think I messed up my steering box

    In working on the Champ it seemed like it would be a good idea to pull the steering box. Well I'd never done that before, looked pretty easy but after pulling the steering column that long shaft was still there (of course). (I bet a lot of you know where THIS is going!)

    Yes, I made the mistake of taking the three bolts out of the cover where the shaft goes into the steering box and ball bearings fell out.

    Now I get to see if I can put Ross steering box back together... anyone have any suggestions?

    If anyone out there is Studeland has a drag link for an early Champ I could sure use one of those too, as you can see in the picture mine is kind of bent.

    Jeff DeWitt
    Jeff DeWitt

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    Your drag-link is SUPPOSED to be bent... don't worry about it.
    EDIT- I just looked at your photo better- it is bent a LOT more than mine are... I'm pretty sure I have an extra here anyway...

    Putting the box back together is easy.. let's hope you have all the balls that fell out though...
    I "glue" the balls back in with heavy grease..until I can slip it back into the box.
    The important thing is the endplay. Just make sure you have some... or it will steer really hard.
    IF you REALLY screw it up... I have an extra here...


    Specializing in Studebaker Restoration
    Specializing in Studebaker Restoration


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      Well, don't feel too bad, I think I did a D'oH of my own this weekend...Was driving down the highway and I heard a funny noise under the hood in my lark, the engine remained running, but when I opened the hood, My air cleaner assembly was in pieces...and I cannot find the wingnut! [:0](I hope I just forgot to put it on!!) The angle that the top of the air cleaner was leaning might suggest that the wingnut might have been sucked into the carbuerator![xx(]) Oof. I drove it the two miles home, and unless I find my wingnut, I am going to have to tear the carb and intake manifold off and hope that it didn't get sucked in. Stupid...[V]

      1963 Lark, 259 V8, two-tone paint, Twin Traction. Now that the salt is off the roads, she is getting back into regular rotation!


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        Jeff, since you have the drag link off, could you tell me the dimentions of the joint that goes to the pitman arm on the steering box? I need the width of the joint where the threads end, the width at the bottom of the taper & the length of the joint between the 2 measurements to get the correct taper. Thanks!!

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