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I wonder if this studebaker survived?

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  • I wonder if this studebaker survived?

    Not what I would like to see if I owned this studebaker[:0]

    58 packard H.T.

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    There were two studebakers that went underwater near our home in Asheville,NC in the mid-late 70's or maybe even very early 80's in the same storm. Both were hawks,an orange 61 with a 4 speed(I recall it being a GT but the old body style)and a brown 56 V-8, probably power hawk. The 56 survived at least well into the 90's and still had a pretty good body on it at that time. Stayed at a junk yard called EDACO at least that long and may still be there. The last time I spoke to anyone about it they acted like they didnt know it had been underwater (and in their defense they didnt own it when it was and may really not have known but seemed insulted so I just let it drop. The 61 was dismantled,everything dried,bagged,labled and stored (hundreds of bags full of nuts,bolts,screws,springs,and bits marked clock,switch etc....Then it changed hands a couple times with each new owner putting a bit more back together. I lost touch with it in the 80's but it was still local and still being put back together at that time. Steve


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      There was a 58 Commander hardtop in the Roanoke, Virginia Transportation Museum. There was a flood about 10 years ago.

      A member of the Greater Virginia Chapter save it.

      Leonard Shepherd