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    The Tulsa Meet lots of pic's hope the're not too big


    I got as many as i could that had the trunk closed, if i missed your car you had your trunk open, sorry

    101st Airborne Div. 326 Engineers Ft Campbell Ky.

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    Thanks for posting, Bob.
    I'll get mine posted in a day or two.

    Chris Pile
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      You must've missed~


      OOOPPS, wait a minute...

      Sorry~ wrong dealio. [:0] [B)] [V]

      StudeDave '57 [)]

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        I've never seen a compilation of so many nice rears. A good theme.


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          Where was Carl Purdy?

          Claude Chmielewski

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          Claude Chmielewski

          Fillmore, Wisconsin
          47 M-16 Truck
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          63 GT Hawk R2 4 speed
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            Looking at the pic of that dark red SilverHawk--My 57 SilverHawk has that same type of door and front fender trim, but it also has quarter trim extending all the way to the door. What year is the red one?


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              He was there but had his trunk open when i came by, between judging and running back and forth recharging my camera every 10 minutes i missed Carl and Dave Lester. And Dave took off early also. My camera lost it's charge and i went upstairs to the regestration room for a 10 minute charge and back to shoot for 10 minutes, did this 3 times. I have some more pic's i will post later Interesting shots.I did shoot this of carls car

              101st Airborne Div. 326 Engineers Ft Campbell Ky.


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                Thanks for the pics. Looks like some nice quality cars. The box on the T cab certainly made me do a double take.

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                  Some great shots! [8D]

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