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stude parts cars needing rescue!

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  • stude parts cars needing rescue!

    I was driving around looking for old cars and stopped on the yard of a gentelman who had a bunch out back. He did not have anything that I need (though a few things I'd like) He had two stude's. a 51 that he had cut the body up to make into a truck and plowed snow woth and a 58 or 59 commander. The driveline on the 51 is intact and has 3 spd with OD,twin traction. the front fenders were both pretty good and some of the trim is there but badly pitted. 2 door. the commander is a four door and is intact but beat up. passenger side doors were quite good. V8 car with 3 spd and, I think, OD. he did not know anything about this car. He has a tractor that we can use to load. he'd prefer to sell the whole car. says he had a bunch of stuff flattened when scrap was up and plans to again!! had a 64 two door daytona smashed;-( lots of other 50-60's cars. caddy, buick,ford,chevy. These cars are located in northern MN. couple questions. where would the badge be that says if the commander is TT? is there an easy way to tell which engine? I plan to go out there late next week and get some pictures so i can find out a few other things then. He has several collector cars and ran a shop so he does know there is some value but probably would be happy with scrap prices. contatc me through e mail or this forum, I'll then go out and take pics etc and get back to folks

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    Where are you at?


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      His profile says Duluth, Minnesota.


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        What's a 59 Commander? I never heard of one.
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          Does the Commander look anything like this?

          If it was closer I'd like to have it for parts. Minnesota is just a little too far away though.

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            yes, the commander looks like the pic. the cars are up on the range near cherry MN. anybody know how to tell if the commander is TT? also any easy way to tell the engines apart (232, 259, 289)?


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              Rick, it might have a TT emblem on the decklid OR, if you can see the rear axle back cover, there'd be one tag to tell the ratio and a second tag with 45 45B or 45C on it. These denote TT clutch packs.

              No 232 in '58. A 259's serial# starts with a V - a 289 starts with P Being it's a Commander, it should be a 259[^]

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                thanks for the engine ID info. I have kind of a busy week but may get there this week to look. no TT emblem but when I roll it over we should be able to read the tag. sounds like guy here in mn wants them