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Braggin' about my '55

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  • Braggin' about my '55

    You guys need to see a clean 'survivor'. Except for the wheels it is 'bone stock'. She runs strong, shifts great, and stops as she should when you hit the brakes. Even the floor covering is original (if it was originally carpet, it has long since lost its nap).

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    Absolutely beautiful ride.......the wheels "fit" the car perfectly. Thanks for sharing the photos. tempestan


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      Wow what a nice ride. Thank you for sharing we have a 1955 President State 4 door.

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        Thanks for the photos. You have a beautiful Studebaker.
        One to be proud of and to "BRAGG" on

        Tex E. Grier


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          Very nice '55 Pres. State Coupe, yes on the very best model you do get carpeting!

          It is amazing looking at that 2 year older Stude. with a 4 year older design, behind a '57 Chev. the Stude. makes it look like a TANK! [:0]

          StudeRich at Studebakers Northwest -Ferndale,WA
          Second Generation Stude Driver,
          Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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            Nice car. What wheels? size and tire size? jimmijim
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              WOW. Very nice.

              Rob in ND
              '53 Commander Hardtop Resto-Mod (work in progress)
              Rob in ND
              \'53 Commander resto-mod (work in process)


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                Very nice example of automotive perfection. It's cars like that, which makes you proud you own a Studebaker, from truly one of the best American car companies. Keep driving and who knows one day we'll see each driving our Studebaker's.

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                  VERY easy on the eyes![]

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                    Green is not my color, but I would be proud to own that sweet Studebaker!

                    Chris Pile
                    Midway Chapter SDC
                    The Studebaker Special
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                      quote:Originally posted by tempestan

                      Absolutely beautiful ride.......the wheels "fit" the car perfectly. Thanks for sharing the photos. tempestan
                      Wheels are American Torque ThrustII's, 15"x6" mounted with
                      195-75x15" tires. I think Americans look good on just about any car you put them on.


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                        I keep thinking about a modern front end with tubular A-arms, big ball joints, rack 'n pinion, disks all around, A/C, and a Chevy 200r4 trans. The A/C would require a switch to 12 volts which would now allow me to install throttle body injection. Imagine, a Studebaker 259 with fuel injection, automatic overdrive, discs, and air! Could it get any better?


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                          55s are one of my favourite Studebakers - hence my other name, 55s.

                          My first car, a yellow Hamilton-built Champion coupe, was acquired when I was 14, and driven for many years. I still have it.

                          I bought my second 1955 in 1982, a Hamilton-built Commander coupe, originally for the rust free fenders. It proved to be too nice to scrap, and it was in the same colours as yours. A picture of it is in the members' Studebakers, against a beautiful blue sky. I just fired it up and drove it last weekend, after a long, long winter.

                          I also still have my mom's Speedster, #2 of the 14 original show cars. It was memories of my mom driving this car at 130 mph that got me hooked on 55s.