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A present for dear old dad...

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  • A present for dear old dad...

    John found these pictures on ebay, courtesy of Bams50's post. He couldn't help but think that they would make a nice Easter/welcome back from Guam gift for his dad, and thus began bidding. He didn't want to spend a ton of money on the pictures, but did find himself bidding back and forth with another prospective buyer. He put in his final bid, telling Tracy, "Fine! If this guy wants them this badly, let's see how much he's willing to pay for them!" Well, let's just say that John did not win the auction. Fortunately, the story has a happy ending, though, and John's dad DID end up with the pictures. Unfortunately, it just cost John's dad a bit more than he had orginally planned on paying.

    John and Tracy Smith
    Queen Creek Arizona

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    Great pictures... sorry about the "bidding war"! [:0][8]

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      Thats what is wrong with the new e-bay system you never know who you are bidding against, before you could tell and not bid if it was a friend of some thing..Bob

      Bob Peterson / C & B Studebakers

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      Castro Valley,


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        Not much different than a real auction. Reminds me of a time that my Dad and Uncle stood on opposite sides of farm auction trailer and bid against each other on an item. The auctioneer let this go on for some time, knowing that they were brothers. Finally he clued them in. Got a good laugh out of the crowd.
        At least we know that John's Dad got something he wanted!

        Rob in ND
        '53 Commander Hardtop Resto-Mod (work in progress)
        Rob in ND
        \'53 Commander resto-mod (work in process)


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          Now that's funny, guess he wanted them bad .

          I have a feeling ol' Dad will find a way to settle the incured debt when you least expect it, John, keep a watchful eye on those truck parts,.....every day.[B)]

          61 Lark



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            quote:Originally posted by 4961Studebaker

            Now that's funny, guess he wanted them bad .

            I have a feeling ol' Dad will find a way to settle the incured debt when you least expect

            Ol dad is gonna file against him, not only did he cost me money. But since i now own them he violated my copyrights. Then he put em on here so everyone can copy them for free. There goes my retirement fund. Come on over son, i have a new dog i want ya to meet. His name stude.


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              'Course, Phil, now you know the value John places on your paternity.[)]
              "All attempts to 'rise above the issue' are simply an excuse to avoid it profitably." --Dick Gregory

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                quote:Originally posted by rockne10

                'Course, Phil, now you know the value John places on your paternity.[)]
                I found that out while overseas and my chrome bits appeared on his truck. I guess that's payback from the days i made him call me uncle around pretty girls.

                But he doe's have redeeming qualities he finally has a stude and a wife who likes them better than both of us.


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                  Glad you liked the pictures! Sure wish it came with a journal from the subjects[8D]

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                    quote:Originally posted by bams50
                    I'm looking forward to their arrival, maybe a little research will bring a story out. Or if all else fails i'll make one up. I have some other picture journeys, perhaps a fictional road trip to a reuion, with all driving studes from different directions.