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    As part of restoring my 50 Champion, I painted the engine while I had it out of the car. I took the starter off to paint it black and painted the remainder of the engine green. Before putting it back into the car I decided to start it to be sure that the new oil lines I had put on it didn't leak. The starter would not work. I took it off and tried it on the bench and it worked. A friend suggested that since I had painted the starter all over and had painted where it bolts to the engine that maybe it was not getting a good ground. I sanded the paint off and bolted it back onto the engine and it worked.
    Just thought this might be useful information to someone in the future.

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    Yes; all Automotive DC circuits use only one wire, so to save running the second wire, every unit from light bulbs to motors is "frame" grounded, and without it will not work.

    Since the Battery is grounded to the water pump on the Engine, if you fail to connect your Engine to frame ground strap, nothing grounded to the body will work either, so you will have an Engine that starts and runs, but no Lights, Horn, Radio, Heater, Defroster, Wipers etc.
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      I lerned this the hard way over 25 years ago. I bought a 71 Olds Cutlass, nice looking car, at an auction about 65 miles from home. Being that it was snowing and there was a group of us we skipped the Interstate. Got about 10 miles and the wipers and heater went ittermitent, combined with a loud, repetitive clicking. Having no idea what it could be, we left it in a church parking lot and I went after it with the wrecker very early the next morning.

      I was just pulling in as Dad got there. As I unhooked it, Dad asked what was wrong. Of course, he opened the hood and his left hand went directly to the back of the engine; nodded affirmatively, pulled the air cleaner, and showed me the braided metal ground strap that had corroded in half[}] Made up a new one and never had a problem again.

      Thanks for sharing this, Jimmie. As with the above story, once you learn it you'll always have it in your mental "tool box".

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