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  • test picture

    I think this will be the largest one until I can take a another picture & upload to photobucket..14x7 Resin model now black

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    While viewing the Pic on your Photobucket site after clicking on it in your album to bring the pic in question up, just run the cursor over the top edge of pic until the "re-size" "pop-up" appears, then click it to view the drop-down list of size options, choose "Large" and it will up or downsize the photo for you, it takes a while before their website updates the size, but it will appear a good size for our Forum eventually, then delete the tiny one, and add the new address of the re-sized pic.

    You will later be able to click the yellow pencil doc. icon on this post and update this post.

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      Thankyou for the update. I tell ya it 's like pulling teeth.Spending all night tryin!!!