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    I have been in the process of selling a 1959 Ford F100 truck. Today this guy calls to ask about the truck. He asks why I am selling the truck. I tell him I want to concentrate on my Studebaker projects. He asks what I have. I tell him a 51 Commander and a 66 2dr sedan. He asks is the 66 a Lark. I say yeah sort of. He then says I knew a guy who had a Lark with a factory turbocharged Studebaker motor out of a Packard. I said really, that must have been some car. I didn't even try to correct him. I know we have had posts like this before, but this was the first time I had run across one of the experts. By the way, he didn't buy the truck.

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    Could have been a Studebaker 289 & McColloch out of a 57 or 58 Packard later transplanted into a non R series Lark


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      quote:Originally posted by 289stude

      Could have been a Studebaker 289 & McColloch out of a 57 or 58 Packard later transplanted into a non R series Lark John
      Make that '57 Packard, or '58 Packard Hawk...

      '58 Packards (other then Hawks) did NOT have blowers!!!

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        Was it cuz yer ford truck was the one with the Studebaker motor?


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          If it's the Packard I'm thinkin of, it's a funky blankin place to hang a turbocharger[)]. And it doesn't even need the exhaust manifold to run, it uses a belt like a supercharger would [)]. It's amazing to me though how many people seem to mess up the nomenclature of those two devices.


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              As a very young man I attended several SCCA regional sports car races at NH and CT tracks. I still recall One time during an H Production race (eager but short winded Austin Healey Sprites mostly) I overheard an older young man explaining to his lovely doe-eyed date that the cars were "approaching 200 mph on the long back straight." That line could have been word-for-word from a Jim McKay LeMans report on Wide World of Sports as a Ford GT40 passed by

              I confess About that time in my life I also passed along a few "expert" opinions by repeating things I heard from the big kids. Nowadays I >> try << to check my sources a little better.