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Packard Logo in Ceramic Tile

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  • Packard Logo in Ceramic Tile

    I am in the ceramic tile business and have a customer who is building a large garage for his collector cars, among which are some Packards. He would like to get a Packard logo in ceramic tile.

    I thought I saw one in a floor in the Studebaker Museum, but anyway I just thought I'd ask if anyone knew of any such thing.

    Sure, I know I can have one made up from scratch, that's for sure; I was hoping that someone might have had this done before and could save me some time and$$$.


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    Contact The Packard National Museum in Warren OH. I would think they could help. BP
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      If you find a source with Studebaker, or Packard ceramic tiles, please post it.



      The Bell Collection
      Bellingham, WA.
      Bells Studebaker Diner & Museum
      Bellingham, WA.