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    The torch passes today to John Batka. John is an enthusiastic Stude Truck lover who volunteered to maintain and grow the ranks of STF members.

    I will be transmitting STF Materials to John today, and I'm sure he will introduce himself to you shortly.

    Thanks to all who responded. I know many of you will give John an assist in leading projects and sponsorships, organizing dinners and other events, as you have already done for me.

    [img=left][/img=left]Bob Feaganes (stude53)
    53 Starliner Hardtop
    Newton Grove, NC

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    Thanks for all your work to get the STF up and running well. It was a pleasure meeting you in '07 in South Bend at the Stude Museum.
    Best to you.
    Roger Price

    '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
    '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
    Recording Secretary, Long Island Studebaker Club


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      Welcome, John.

      Thanks for picking up the torch! [^]

      Dick Steinkamp
      Bellingham, WA

      Dick Steinkamp
      Bellingham, WA


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        Lots of us know Johnny B already- great guy, and a real truck nerd

        JB, I know you weren't sure how long you would be able to carry the torch, but for however long you do, thank you!![^]

        Robert (Bob) Andrews Owner- Studebakeracres- on the IoMT (Island of Misfit Toys!)
        Parish, central NY 13131

        "Some people live for the rules, I live for exceptions"- 311

        "Do they all not, by mere virtue of having survived as relics of a bygone era, amass a level of respect perhaps not accorded to them when they were new?"


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          Once again - Thanks for all your effort Bob & Welcome John!

          '57 Transtar Deluxe
          Vancouver Island

          The NW Overdrive Tour in Parksville, BC
          May 23 & 24, 2009; check it out at -

          Mark Hayden
          '66 Commander
          Zone Coordinator
          Pacific Can-Am Zone


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            Thanks Guys

            And thanks again Bob.

            I will be posting an updated list shortly, there are already 3 new members. I'll also be starting plans for Cedar Rapids dinner and group photo. I am honored to be a part of this great group of guys, i briefly met Chuck in South Bend 07, but I doubt he remembers (we weren't formerly introduces) and he had a big crowd. Any way I hope he makes it to C.R. so I can meet him & thank him for starting the club.

            Also i have a new addition I'm going to pick up tommarrow, I'll post pix soon It's a real Dandy!


            53' 2R5 R1 Powershift TT Under Construction

            57' Transtar 304 NP540 4:09 TT Under Construction (in Picture)

            58' 3E6D Stock Sale Pending

            61' 6E7 122 Factory Auto


            62' Deluxe R2 4SPD.

            63' R1 Wagonaire

            57' Transtar 259 punched to 312 NP540 4:09 TT Under Construction

            58' 3E6D Stock 4X4

            64' (Studebaker Built) Trailer Toter