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Clips for a Hawk tach sending unit.

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  • Clips for a Hawk tach sending unit.

    Recently, I bought a tach sending unit for my 57 GH, but it does not have the spring clips on it. Does anyone know if they are available, or know if clips from another distrbutor will work? I dont see a place for the clips to hook onto, so I'm not even sure how the whole thing goes together.

    Does anyone have a set of clips they would like to sell?

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    I have never seen a set "for sale" anywhere.
    I do have a set from one of my distributors that I'll try to get get a photo. I have had them cad-plated.
    They are a strange-looking clip. They are basically an "extension" to a stock clip. I have looked at several other distributor clips to see if they can be adapted, but so far I haven't had any luck. Most just aren't wide enough at the interface with the stock clip.


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    Specializing in Studebaker Restoration


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      Jerry: These are hard to come by. It's about as easy to fabricate some "extenders" for the regular clips as it is to locate the factory "extenders," which is all they really were.

      Just imagine the sending unit sandwiched between the distributor cap and the distributor body. Of course, the "regular" clips then aren't long enough to get all the way up to the notches in the sides of the distributor cap. So you have to remove the clips from the distributor body and devise some short straps to go from the distributor body to the bottom of the regular clips just removed.

      The regular clips will hold onto the cap as they always did, but their bottom end will be fastened to the top of whatever small straps you've fabricated to go down to the distributor body.

      Of course, you might get lucky and someone will see your plea, here, and sell you some! BP
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        This video will teach you all that you want to know about those clips.

        Matthew Burnette
        Hazlehurst, GA