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Removing hinges from doors.

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  • Removing hinges from doors.

    Worked a little on my secondary project, a slow conversion of a too rusted to fix 63 wagoneer into a "never was" 65 Champ cab. I'm taking it back apart to start over because when I first roughed it in my health wasn't the best and I did a really crappy job.

    Spent part of the day trying to take the hinges off the doors. I got the doors off the body years ago and now I have the time and desire to try to get the hinges off to see if the need rehab and to rehang the doors. I sprayed the screws front and back with PB Blaster yesterday. I thought I would try something different than WD40 or Liquid wrench. When I started on the right front door today I got the three upper right off after easing the screws out until they binded slightly, sprayed them with PB Blaster and screwed the screw back in, first three tried... first three out and soaking.

    Next to the bottom right three door bolts...alas, the luck did not hold. I got the bottom three near out each time before I twisted the screws off. At least I have enough screw to either use a vise grip or perhaps double up a couple of nuts to get the rest of the screw out of the door plate.

    Left front door upper hinge: one out, one broken off and one I messed up and will need to drill out. At this point I called it a day, besides my daughter wanted to play tag

    Todays score: 4 removed, 4 broken off, 1 bunged up.

    Who had door screws or can I use a conical head screw with a hex in the head? I recall this, or a similar request a while ago on the forum but after a long day of car work and chasing my three year old daughter my searching skills are sub par night now

    Jeff T.

    "I'm getting nowhere as fast as I can"
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    \"I\'m getting nowhere as fast as I can\"
    The Replacements.

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    I know SI lists them with the conical star washer for $1.25 each, part # 2046x7.

    I suspect most hardware stores could get them, and suppliers like .
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      Not a bad score for a set of Studebaker door bolts. I used hardened conical head bolts with a hex insert on mine.

      The good news about the ones suggested by R10 is the Phillips head makes a great starting point for drilling out the bolt. Just keep drilling with larger drills until the head falls off and you can remove the door.

      You can either continue drilling until the bolt is thin enough to remove with an EZ out or a chisel. Or you can just remove the plate from the pocket and make a new one, That's what I did.