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interesting find in a junk yard 64 yesterday...

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  • interesting find in a junk yard 64 yesterday...

    A friend (Prager on this forum) and I went shopping at a junk yard Saturday morning. Found a 64 V8 hardtop 2 door.It was a manual 3 speed OD with tapered TT 331 rear with power drum brakes. We got the power brake booster assembly off of it for $35. A good deal! What was unusual was the car did not have power steering,but it had a power steering bell crank on it and a shock on it in place of the power steering ram.The shock mounted to the frame rail just like a assist ram. Is this uncommon? I do not remember seeing one before,and I do not remember anyone mentioning this is prior posts. The glass was good in the car if anyone needs it.The car showed 55,000 miles,and the valve covers I got off it were spotless inside.The frame and floor boards were shot,so I guess that is why it was retired.The yard wanted $350 for the rear end.WOW.

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    A while back on e-bay I saw a steering shock kit that was supposedly offered by Studebaker for manual steering Hawks of what year I don't know for sure . I think it may have mentioned for GT but don't know for sure. That's all I know. I'm sure someone knows more of this. jimmijim
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      what area are you in?


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          I have never seen that set up on a lark but have seen and taken off the anti shimmy shock style set up from 62 hawks they look like the power steering ram with out the ports for the hoses and secure under the engine at the back of the bell crank same place that the tie rods tie together, there is a plate made up for the extra connection an the the other end is secured to the frame on the pass side I have 2 set ups if any one is interested....Bob Peterson
          Castro Valley,