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Clem Studebaker profiled Investors Business Daily

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  • Clem Studebaker profiled Investors Business Daily

    You may learn some interesting facts in this extensive article from a surprising source (2-20-09 edition).

    Richard Quinn
    editor: Antique Studebaker Review
    Richard Quinn
    Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review

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    Great article and well done. I love reading about Studebaker history, and there's no better source than yourself.
    Nice job.

    '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
    '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
    Recording Secretary, Long Island Studebaker Club


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      In various articles, Quinn described the Studebakers' journey in two wagons. The family trekked nearly 400 miles over mountains and through rivers. The Studebakers' destination was a 160-acre farm John had bought the year before.

      "The seeds of misfortune, however, had been sown before leaving Pennsylvania," Quinn wrote.

      John Studebaker had co-signed a loan taken by a friend. When his friend defaulted, the creditor made Studebaker pay. The family was forced to sell its new home and move to a 13-acre plot.

      Hmmm....being a business-oriented article and recording their journey through both rivers and financial hard times, why not enhance the article with a line drawing of the wagon bouncing along with a wooden bucket swinging to and know, for the bailout?

      (Sorry; I couldn't resist...) BP
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