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4-speed Avantill trans mount

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  • 4-speed Avantill trans mount

    Helo gents:

    My son is home this weekend from school and decided to tackle the engine and trans mounts on his 4-speed 72 Avanti. At Johnstones resource page I found a gm part number 457915 for the engine mounts but can't fine a trans mount number. I'm not sure what make trans it is either.

    On the resource page there is s reference to a 55-57 chevy mount kit that lowers the engine 3/8 on and inch. This must be a side saddle mount for later model chevy engines? Has anyone used it?



    Kevin Edwards

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    Yours is most likely a Super T-10 or a Muncie, although a Saginaw was also available in that time frame. It doesn't matter, however. They all used the same mount as did the automatics of that era.

    Here's a few on eBay...

    Your local FLAPS will stock these.

    Also, the front mounts should be NAPA 602-1054 which are about $8 each.

    I'd make sure you really need to change them. They don't get as oil soaked as Stude mounts and seem to last forever.

    Dick Steinkamp
    Bellingham, WA

    Dick Steinkamp
    Bellingham, WA