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1956 Golden Hawk Authenticity Video

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  • 1956 Golden Hawk Authenticity Video

    Frank Ambrogio is starting a series of videos, specifically dealing with the authenticity of '56 Golden Hawks.

    So far he has the first of the series posted on youtube.

    If you notice, the video features both of his Mocha/Doeskin '56J's. The one with dual four barrels is also OverDrive equipped. [8D]

    Be sure to check out his other videos here.

    There's also a video of Shannon Bruffett and his immaculate R3 Avanti.

    Matthew Burnette
    Hazlehurst, GA

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    Thanks for sharing.

    It speaks well of the Studebaker owners that they will take the time and effort to produce a documentary video of a unique vehicle.

    I don't and probably never will own a Golden Hawk but I find the video extremely well done for this level of production and also of great interest.

    Bob [^]


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      Very well done! Its a credit to Frank & all those who contributed to this project. I look forward to additional clips & the information they so generously have supplied. Thanks to Matt for supplying the link!

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        I knew it was going to be good when I heard the distinct crackle from the record in the opener. Very well done. I wish I could get my hands on one of those Golden Hawks. My favorite part was when he described what a hardtop was for the "younger generation". It is true, if my dad hadn't owned his 58 pontiac Hardtop when I was younger, I would never have seen one around. (and to this day my favorite body style in any given car is a hardtop...especially four doors.)

        1963 Lark, waiting for spring...


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          Frank has made a second authenticity video.

          And if you're curious about '56J tachometer sending units...

          Matthew Burnette
          Hazlehurst, GA