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NOS Frost & French plate frames

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    Amazing- someone revives a four-year-old thread and it turns into an amazing historical discussion by those that were actually there. I enjoyed that. Thanks, guys!
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      I need to add my own Frost & French .02 worth. In the 60's, My Dad had an Avanti, a 53 Champion hardtop, and a 50 Businessman coupe. I remember going with him to F & F on several occasions to buy parts. This must have been in the late 60's, I was 10 at the time. Funny the things you remember, but one of them is that at the parts counter, there was a collection of parking brake handles, must have been around 20 of them. I also remember a light green 65 or 66 2 door on the showroom floor. I thought it was really cool.
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        Hi Bill, Rich and all, have thoroughly enjoyed reading your recollections about Frost & French. Today I received from the Studebaker National Museum the documentation for my 1964 Daytona HT, 64V-6004, 259, floor shift auto, white/red, and shipped from Sth Bend Sept 17, 1963 to Frost & French. I'm trying to locate a photograph of the dealership at the time, any information appreciated. My HT spent its life in CA then in the mid 90's it went to AZ. Apparently F&F fitted the air con, did F&F offer dealer installed air con? cheers