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  • Bellhousing

    I am looking for a special bell housing that will hook up a chevy 350 motor to a 3speed transmission w/O.D. it is a 1958 silverhawk studebaker?


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    It is a 1965 or 1966 Lark type ie: Commander, Daytona, Cruiser or Wagonaire. A 6 Cyl. 194 GM engine or a 8 Cyl. 283 GM engine in a Canadian built Stude. of these types would have what you need.

    Are you saying you want to install it in a '58 Stude. Silver hawk?

    You do have to understand one thing though. That is the Trans. you would use would NOT be a GM, it's a Studebaker Borg Warner T-86 with or without O.D. that fits the Housing. It would have to come from a '65-'66 to have the correct Input shaft.

    The front engine Mount BRACKETS (to frame) that Studebaker used, are available for Sedans & Wagons ONLY, no Coupes/Hardtops (C & K) or Hawks. For those you have to build some.

    StudeRich at Studebakers Northwest -Ferndale,WA
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      Lisa, to use the Chevy engine all you need is any Chevy stick bell housing, they have the wide style bolt pattern that Chevy used, and the t-86 trans used in the 65-66 Studebaker with Chevy power either 6 or 8 this is a special trans made up with the front case having the wide pattern, and Chevy spline and Studebaker overdrive rear tail piece, then also the clutch uses some different parts plate, disk, bearing and linkage, some of the 6 cyl. also used the t-90 small transmission. good luck they are hard to find I have 2 of the transmissions and bell housings but the linkage I have is for the swinging peddles......Bob
      Castro Valley,


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        The transmission you are looking for was also used on the Checkers of the same era that had the SBC and the Borg-Warner. Same bell housing as well.


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          Lisa, I see you are new here and welcome!

          Before you go to all that trouble of putting a Chevy engine in your Hawk you ought to take a good hard look at why you are considering it.

          The Studebaker V8 that should be in that Hawk is a TOUGH engine and with very little work should be at least as reliable as any Chevy engine you could put in there. You can get put a modern carburetor and electronic ignition on it, and those engines are quite happy on plane old unleaded regular.

          And yes, you can get parts for them.

          Your car, your choice, but doing an engine swap is neither cheap nor easy and for a lot less money you could probably get your original engine running great and then you would have all that money left over for making the rest of the car as nice as you want it to be.

          Jeff DeWitt

          Jeff DeWitt