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Over at Hagerty; The long, remarkable life of the Studebaker Avanti

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  • Over at Hagerty; The long, remarkable life of the Studebaker Avanti
    Money may not buy happiness, but it's more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle.

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    Enjoyed the article a bunch. Thanks for sharing.


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      Whomever wrote that Story definitely had a "Way with Words", he whites an interesting, well written Story, with only a few misunderstandings.

      Like the Stude. Packard merger in '58, instead of the correct 1954.
      And the fabled Avanti R4, Dual Supercharged engine that was actually a unofficial experimental, Fuel Injected R5, with the "Real" R4 Dual Quad 304.5 left out.
      Also the "Moving" the Avanti Plant after purchase from Studebaker.

      And then a whole later story could be written about where he left off, I wonder if it was written a LONG Time ago?
      After owning 100 of them, He may have learned more by now.
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        He still owns a bunch. Has maybe a dozen at my shop alone. Including a pre-production prototype, and an R3. Of course, you know the R4 was not supercharged at all. Without him, you would not have 1/2 the current parts available for Avantis, so I think a few dates can be forgiven.
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          Thanks for the post Dan. A slight correction, I own Nate Altman's Avanti (RQA 0332) which he kept for display purposes, at his daughter's place in San Diego. It was an A/C equipped 350 CID, 300 HP Corvette motor car. I have converted it from a Flightomatic to a Doug Nash 5 speed with Recaro front seats as it had the low back original Avanti seats. It has 33,000 original miles. It has the original Cadillac Firemist Gold Metallic paint.


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            Dave Kinney (the author of the piece) lives in Northern Virginia and owns Endurance Built Products, which makes some very high-quality repro Avanti parts. The rubber floor mats that SI sells for Studes are made by him, as they also fit Avantis. He bought Dan Webber's two Avantis last year, one of which he parted out as being too rusty. I was awarded a dented Avanti hubcap for my efforts to pull that one out of the mud with my GMC pickup (I clipped the Avanti RF wheel on a dumpster). Here's Jim Sinclair (who was in command of the recovery operation) with that one. For those of you who hang around Face Book, Kinney likes to post some very funny (and rather intellectual) stories and cartoons there.
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