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    A "friend of a friend" here in Nashville has asked me to help him identify these two old Studebakers from his dad's estate that he needs to sell quickly. I have no idea of what these are beyond the description that they are both "1927" models. One car is relatively complete; the other is just for parts. Any ideas? Thanks.
    Ron Pasquale

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    You'd be better served to post this question on the Studebaker, Erskine & Rockne forum on the AACA website since this SDC forum is predominately post war. I've attached a link to the AACA home page. Once there scroll down and you'll find a box saying "Join the conversation" within it you'll find a button for joining "Forum Talk". Once you create an account you can access the a fore mentioned "Studebaker, Erskine & Rockne" forum. These guy's can help you out identifying them and probably help your friend find them a new home as well. Best of luck.


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      The car is a 1927 Dictator Six model EU, smallest of three models Studebaker offered in that model year behind the President (ES) and Commander (EW). Have lots of data on that model including: factory photos, manuals, production numbers, specs etc., etc. I did a 13 page 4000+ word article with maybe 25 photos on the 1927-37 Studebaker Dictators in the August 2018 issue of Collectible Automobile magazine. You can usually find good copies for sale on Ebay. Brief summary of the EU below.
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      Richard Quinn
      Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review


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        Very helpful information. Thank you both for responding.