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Trunk hinges

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    Bad News. Trunk hinges on a CK (coupes & Hawks) are a weakspot. I don't think they are being remade, they do tend to wear out and break, and they are getting harder to find.

    Best recommendation I can give you is to keep your eyes open, because they are often thrown out with rusty studes.


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  • John Ratliff
    started a topic Trunk hinges

    Trunk hinges

    My trunk lid has a spot when closing that the front of the lid seems
    to clunk into place just before it hits the latch. I got into the trunk and a freind open and closed the lid while I watched the hinges operate. The left hinge has some play and lets the top half of the hinge rub on a bolt head on the bottom half. The right hinge shows some scraping on the same bolt head but there is no play. I think both need replacing. The P. O. had the hole trunk sprayed with undercoating. I spent the last 2 days cleaning it off. The hinges and springs are covered with it. Haven't cleaned hinges or springs. I want to paint the trunk the same as body. Are the hinges & springs painted? '56 Power Hawk. Any thoughts?