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Studebaker Truck Farmers - Please Read

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  • Studebaker Truck Farmers - Please Read

    I posted this today on Truck Talk.

    by Bob Feaganes </center>

    Life permitting, I will be with you all in South Bend (I regrettably had to miss Omaha) to enjoy the dinner, the tour, and the Studebaker Truck Farmer fun. I will be wearing my badge and be properly attired.

    I had made some mistakes in badge distribution (some got too many and some got none) but I think I have corrected them.
    If any of you ordered and didn't receive your badges, email me at with your address and I'll send them to you.

    If anyone needs more badges, they are available at $3.00 each or 2 for $5, plus $1 for postage. Mail your orders with cash or checks to

    Bob Feaganes
    PO BOX 147
    Newton Grove, NC 28366

    Thank you Bob Feaganes

    P.S. - We have grown so far to 118 members. Sign up now.

    The current list is:
    Studebaker Truck Farmers

    Allen, Tom
    Ash, Gary
    Baggett, David
    Barretls, Coreen
    Barrick, Bob
    Bartholet, Mike
    Bedell, Gerald
    Berry, Malcom
    Blake, Steve
    Branchick, David R.
    Brown,P. W.
    Burnette, Matthew
    Burton, Mike
    Caldwell, Jim
    Carson. Mark
    Carter, Jim
    Cavoli. Randy
    Colangelo. Frankie
    Cook. Fred
    Davis, Evan
    Derbidge, Dale
    Derbidge, Jay
    Derbidge, Linda
    Drumheller, Frank
    Dunlap, Jim
    Ediger, Vern
    Eichof, Dick
    Elstad, Dean
    Emory, Alan
    Erickson, Ron
    Eshleman, Ed
    Farmer, Douglas
    Feaganes, Bob
    Fensel, Lou
    Fergusson, Dennis
    Ferris, James
    Fraser, Dan
    Frye, Terry
    Goodman, Anne
    Grainger, Scott
    Grindinger, Dwain
    Grove, Bob
    Hall, Gary
    Harvey, Frank
    Hearn, Gary
    Hellmuth, Greg
    Hensley, John
    Hoeft, Mel
    Hole, Les
    Incorvaia, Paul
    Jensen, Ted
    Jensen, Kevin
    Johnson, Kris
    Jones, Ebon
    Kabchef, Bob
    Kaiser, Jerry
    King, George
    Kruse, John
    Kus, Jan
    Lackie, Skip
    Laird, Jim
    Lawrence, Bill
    Lester, Dave
    Lindstrom, Gary
    Little, Floyd
    Lynde, Dennis
    Martin, Glenn
    Martin, Jay
    Maxey, Jim
    Maxey III, James
    McDowell, Bill
    McElhaney, Tom
    McGowan, Danny
    Miller, Ellen
    Miller, Dan
    Molnar, Joe
    Molnar, Tom
    Naugle, Chuck
    Neiburger, Jim
    OBrien, Terry
    Obrien, Annette
    O Reagan, Lester
    Orphanidys, George
    Orth, David
    Paniflow, George
    Parslow, Craig
    Phillips, Rick
    Reid, Dave
    Reining, Bob
    Rice, Jeff
    Richmond, Gord
    Rither, Ross
    Roberts, Joe
    Ryan, Jim
    Sauer, Peter
    Schwab, Greg
    Shore, Steve
    Shurson, Dick
    Simpson, Paul
    Steckler, Chip
    Steinkamp, Dick
    Steinruck, Norm
    Stevens, Tim
    Stine, John
    Stinson, Malcom
    Stocher, Ford
    Thompson, Mark
    Thornton, Neil
    Tofflemoyer, Jim
    Turley, Doug
    Urey, Tony
    Veit, Charlie
    Votel, Henry
    Wenzel, Frank
    Wilson, John
    Wollam, Neil
    Young, Rob
    Zimmerman, Dick

    Posted on Dec 5, 2006, 11:23 AM

    [img=left][/img=left]Bob Feaganes (stude53)
    53 Starliner Hardtop
    Newton Grove, NC