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Bring A Trailer's change in standards

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  • Bring A Trailer's change in standards

    Those of us that have been on the forum over the last few years remember Bill (Buzzard) and his great and gorgeous 1948 Champion Starlight coupe. As I don't have all the facts or remember them they would not accept Bill and Sonja's car on their site to post for auction his car for sale.

    Apparently, that has changed. Witness this posting:

    Bring A Trailer promotes the site in a way to offer premier service to a seller. This appears to be part of the way they have worked their business model. This falls down as far as I can see when they would turn down a great car like Bill's but put an example that does not hold up in any way to be a quality car to sell. It looks like too many cars that you can see on Claigslist.

    I do not understand. Can someone enlighten me? Not that I plan on selling a car I own.

    Bob Miles
    My 2 cents worth, no change given

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    I get your point. And also, why would anybody do that to a Packard?
    Ed Sallia
    Dundee, OR

    Sol Lucet Omnibus


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      BaT makes their money from the 5% commission they get from the buyer when the car sells. If the car doesn't have a good chance to sell based on the reserve required by the seller, BaT won't run the car.

      BaT has auctioned 155 Studebakers.

      They've got nothing against Studebakers or any other long as the reserve is realistic.

      BTW, I ran a car on BaT recently. They accepted it right away, but they are so backed up with other cars at realistic reserves that I waited 2 months in line for mine to run.

      The Packard is certainly not for everyone (in fact it's for very few ), but "there is a seat for every ass", and BaT is getting lots of free publicity out of it in the comments section and on sites like this one.
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      Dick Steinkamp
      Bellingham, WA


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        BaT has been in a continual evolution since it began as just a bit of software which aggregated all the other for sale sites. That they've done something right is evidenced by their being sold to the Hearst media empire. They took it from an idea to a retirement plan.

        NEW YORK, NY (June 25, 2020) – Hearst Autos today announced the acquisition of Bring a Trailer, a digital auction platform and auto enthusiast community. The announcement was made by Hearst Magazines President Troy Young, Hearst Autos CEO Matt Sanchez, and Bring a Trailer Co-founders Randy Nonnenberg and Gentry Underwood.

        Bring a Trailer curates classic, collector, and enthusiast vehicles submitted by its audience for auction. This knowledgeable community of more than 415,000 users and more than 175,000 registered bidders vets each vehicle, giving confidence to potential buyers. The name of the platform is a reference to the familiar shorthand in classified listings urging buyers to “Bring a trailer!” for non-operational projects, race cars and Concours show vehicles.
        jack vines


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          Ed, Dick, and Jack,

          Thanks for all the additional information. I have a better understanding of Bring A Trailer. Hi Tech has never been a strong suit for me. I come up with many ideas, but they stay only ideas.

          Bob Miles
          A better understanding of things is what I seek