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Sources for Identifying generators, distributors, starters, etc

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  • Sources for Identifying generators, distributors, starters, etc

    Hi All.

    As I continue to fill buckets with generators, distributors, starters etc. I need to identify what models they fit so I can post them for resale. Some people tag the parts; most do not. I often get 'unmarked' parts. I can read the metal tags on parts showing the Maker and serial numbers.

    I have searched internet for catalogs or web sites that might help but nothing has been very useful.

    Do you know of any sources, catalogs, web sites, etc. that have lists? Appreciate all tips.

    Quonset Studebaker
    Henry Votel
    Forest Lake, MN
    Henry Votel,
    Forest Lake, MN
    Buying & Selling Studebaker Parts in MN & WI

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    As I'm sure you're aware, Hollander interchange manuals will usually give you the Delco/A-L/etc number(s) of a generator, starter, or distributor for a particular make and model of vehicle. But the tables don't work in reverse. Well, they sometimes do, if you spend the time slogging through all the listings to go backwards to the make/model listings. But they're not designed to go that way.

    I also have a set of Delco books (almost a foot thick apiece) that do the same thing for Delco products only. They also list the Delco part numbers of all of the component parts of each unit. Because of the size of these books (and the fact that there were sometimes four or five different unit numbers that fit a given vehicle) they are even more difficult to use in the "wrong" direction. You need to go through a lot of pages of data. All that said, if I can look up something for you, lemme know.
    Skip Lackie


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      For all the un-tagged, un-Model Number Plate Units, I would match them to known Units from current Cars, it DOES help to have at least half a Dozen or so Studes. around though!
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        Henry, have you looked in the various Studebaker Shop Manuals? They usually listed the distributor/starter/generator/etc model numbers in the specifications sections.
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          Generator and starter rebuilders used to publish catalogs They are helpful in IDing generators. Also as previously said Delco and Autolite had great catalogs. These can be found online me for sale occasionally. When the id plates are missing rebuilders often stamped the numbers in the casings

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            On some of the starter housings you will see near the Bendix a number cast into it. A Prestolite for a stick will show a 1402, 1403 for an automatic for example. Perhaps by posting pics some folks can help you ID some items.
            Rob in PA.


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              For what it is worth here are two Autolite catalogs from 1952 and 1939 that I have found helpful. Old Motors manuals have these numbers as well but no easy way to look up the car from the number.



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                Old NAPA catalogs are helpful to a point. They will show what other cars the parts fit.
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                  The Hollander books are helpful for Stude numbers. Motor and Chilton too. I've found the Hollander is inconclusive as it will give you a part number but will not show you what else the part fit other than the same manufacturers. Case in point-window motor on a '64 wagon-same as Ford/Bosch -but doesn't tell you that. I try and save catalogues from my buddy's store. National Service Data books are excellent sources as well.
                  Rob in PA.


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                    Nate Nagel made this list-post 14 years ago. Some of your numbers probably appear in the thread.
                    Nate has been a tremendous resource for Studebaker owners over the years, but has filled his time with other matters, and we haven't heard from him 3½ years.

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                      Greetings All.

                      Appreciate all tips and sources cited. Will start plugging through my current catalogs and checking out others. Hoping to ID parts and getting them to Studebaker owners.

                      Quonset Studebaker
                      Henry M. Votel
                      Forest Lake, MN
                      Henry Votel,
                      Forest Lake, MN
                      Buying & Selling Studebaker Parts in MN & WI